Passion for design and materials

About me and my working method

My architectural background with subsequent education at the art academy and a broad work history at architectural firms and furniture makers have shaped me into a designer with experience and a broad perspective on design and interior architecture. Words that describe my work philosophy are “creative, conceptual, surprising yet functional and pragmatic, passion for design and materials, eye for details”. You can read more information about me in my profile.

Working methodology

I look at the total concept, your personal style, budget and way of life and work. On this I offer a suitable custom design from one-off advice in color, layout and styling to interior design, renovation or expansion plan. I guide your entire process from the first advice, sketch design to implementation drawings, architectural elaboration and construction supervision. If desired, supervision of any building permit required.

I work independently and am not affiliated with suppliers and receive no commission. My starting point is freedom of choice. I have, however, gathered a network of professionals & companies around me that offer expertise and qualities and can be deployed where necessary.

QuickScan interior styling advice & sales advice

The process of designing sometimes requires an insight into your personal image and way of life and work. Personal contact, openness, trust and mutual chemistry are important to me. It makes the design process a bit easier and more effective.

QuickScan is a visit at your location. In an oral session of ± 3 hours I give tips & tricks per room to improve the existing situation. This one-off advice can possibly be supplemented with an interior report as a guideline for you to get started. The same applies to sales advice.

The scan can then be supplemented with a session in which I will get started with styling at home. If necessary, I bring my own accessories and I provide a photo session.

Interior & layout advice or more complex?

After a personal interview and inventory of your wishes, you will receive a customized interior design. In consultation and based on your interior budget, we determine how extensive this interior advice will be. Based on this detailed interior advice you can get started yourself or opt for a next step and further elaboration.

More complex issues such as a renovation, expansion or a company interior

Is the question and assignment a bit more complex, such as a total interior design, renovation or extension? Then I would first like to come and visit you (without obligation & free of charge) for an introduction visit. During this interview I make an inventory of the wishes, assignment and bottlenecks. Together we look for the best solution and to what extent advice is needed. This is followed by a fee quotation and step-by-step plan.

The latest news, tips & tricks

Latest News

Do you want to stay informed of my projects, the latest news and tips & amp; tricks? Then regularly read my blog. So keep following me on my Blog and stay informed.

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